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The effectiveness of a hospital’s revenue cycle determines the facility's financial health. AHC will elevate your facility's revenue cycle performance to meet the demands of an increasingly challenging financial and regulatory environment.

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A typical hospital loses millions each year due to an outdated CDM, non-captured services, and incorrectly billed services.

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CDM Solutions

AHC CDM Management solutions provide the most practical, cost effective, and efficient means of guaranteeing a current and compliant CDM.

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Pharmacy Review

Can you afford underbilling/overbilling due to coding and multiplier issues in your pharmacy CDM?

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Charge Capture

Decrease claim denials and days in A/R with a comprehensive charge capture review.

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AHC Pricing Solutions
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AHC Revenue Cycle Solutions for America's Hospitals

Although the CDM is certainly an integral part of a hospitals's revenue cycle, other processes play critical roles as well. AHC provides comprehensive revenue cycle solutions that immediately impact revenue. The selection of any of our contracted services will result in substantial financial gain and billing compliance improvement for your facility. Please browse our services listed below and Contact Us for additional information.

Charge Description Master (CDM)

Scope of AHC Chargemaster Services include:

CDM Review Comprehensive Chargemaster Review
Charge Capture Clinical Charging Review
Charge Mapping Charge Mapping Review
Charge Master Maintenance Chargemaster Management
Charge Master Maintenance Item Master Review
Charge Master Maintenance Claims Review

Strategic Pricing Review

AHC CDM Solutions An effective pricing strategy has never been more important than it is today. Increased healthcare costs, reductions in government payer fees, and complexities in adhering to government policies and procedures have all contributed to a challenging environment for hospitals. Across the board price increases, while simple to implement, are not the answer. AHC offers a comprehensive and comparative pricing analysis that keeps your facility aligned with the competitors, incorporates strategic pricing structures and methodologies, and ensures defensible pricing from an audit perspective.

AHC Pricing Review Strategic Pricing Review
AHC Pricing Review OR Charge Structure Analysis
AHC Pricing Review Ancillary Department Charge Structure Analysis

Charge Capture

Hospitals must accurately and efficiently document, charge, and reconcile all services provided to patients.  A breakdown in any one of these three processes results in billing and coding compliance issues as well as lost revenue for today’s hospitals.  Medical record documentation must be compared to billing documents to ensure appropriate charge capture for separately billable services, and billing guidelines must be followed for revenue integrity.

AHC offers Charge Capture Review services to identify and correct breakdowns in the charge capture process.

Pharmacy Review

AHC will identify and correct the following issues within your pharmacy chargemaster:

AHC Pharmacy Review AHC Pharmacy ReviewMissing, inappropriate, or invalid HCPCS codes
AHC Pharmacy Review Revenue code assignments
AHC Pharmacy Review NDC information
AHC Pharmacy Review Incorrect multipliers/billable units
AHC Pharmacy Review Non-standard nomenclature and description sequencing
AHC Pharmacy Review Self-administered drug classifications

Pegfilgrastim, Herceptin, Remicade...what drug will be the next OIG or RAC target? Can your facility afford to wait?

AHC Pharmacy Review Contact AHC now to obtain additional information.

Charging Education

"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him.
An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
-Benjamin Franklin


Each department within a hospital has different educational needs, so why would you want the same charge capture education delivered to all your employees? Educational services should be based on needs, and needs should be determined only after assessments have been completed of the operations and the personnel handling the operations. Our educational services are tailored to the needs of the personnel receiving the message. The size of the audience involved in the presentation forum can be as small as one individual or as large as all the personnel within the department. We pride ourselves on delivering education that is relevant and results oriented.

We are convinced that your investment in charge capture education services will yield a high rate of return in not only increased revenue and billing/coding compliance, but also in employee satisfaction. Your employees will be taught how to simplify processess without compromising quality, and the result will be more time to manage the most important task - patient care.
Our Educational Services Include Information Related To:

AHC Charging Education Comprehensive Charge Capture & Charge Reconciliation
AHC Charging Education Designing Comprehensive Policies & Procedures For Charging Practices
AHC Charging Education Chargemaster Essentials - "You Are Part Owner"
AHC Charging Education Claim Denial Avoidance
AHC Charging Education Intradepartmental Auditing Best Practices

AHC Education Services Contact AHC and learn how AHC charging education can benefit your hospital.

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